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Watch his DryBar Comedy Special, "AMATEUR NATION"



He's back on the radio airwaves as the "Regular 'Morning Buzz' Fill-in Host" at "WNIR, 100 FM"!


Read his article in "70 Reasons Why NHRA Drag Racing is the Best Sport On Earth"


Watch his interview on "The Bart Show" at "Freedom Fest" in Memphis, TN, during the 'Punching Up Comedy Festival":


He's currently shopping a movie script and two game shows for production (see "Services" tab)


CLICK on the photos below and top right to see four hilarious trailers for the full-length comedy feature he co-wrote and co-executive produced, "30 Dates on Craigslist" (re-titled, "30 Swipes Right")

YouTube interview about comedy
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CLICK for Podcast Video Previews

Lou Santini comedian actor host voiceovers writer
"Let's Get Bloated"
available on ITunes and Amazon



If you want biting, insightful (and funny) news/social commentary, AND you're allergic to a lack of common sense, this is your podcast! Based on his standup comedy and his book, "AMATEUR NATION: The Decline of Common Sense, Manners and Social Skills" (on Amazon), now comes the PODCAST! Smart, uncompromising, thought-provoking, and engaging, this laugh out loud show is about those all around us who are "doing life wrong", and are disturbing the "flow of the Pros".

"AMATEUR NATION" -- the fastest growing News/Social Commentary Podcast on Spotify in 2022!

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